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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Danish Football Players Say No to Artificial Pitches

Whilst we await the results of the Football League’s online survey regarding views on whether artificial pitches should be used in first team matches, Spillerforeningen, the Danish Football Players’ Association has announced the results of its own survey about artificial pitches. Players from the association were asked about their opinions on the use of artificial turf, and how playing on natural turf differs from artificial turf.

The findings show that “96% of the Superliga (Danish football championship tournament) players believe that the quality of the Danish pitches should be improved by investing more money in natural turf rather than artificial turf”, and that “83% of the Superliga players think that the game changes fundamentally when played on artificial turf” according to the FIFPro website. 
Director of the Danish PFA, Mads Øland said of artificial pitches “The core of the game itself changes when it is played on artificial turf. The ball bounces differently and gains more speed and there are fewer duels and sliding tackles. It is basically a different game all together”.
The Football League’s consultation will close on 30th April, if you would like to complete the survey please follow this link 

The FIFPro articlecan be viewed here 

We’d also like to hear your opinions about the possible re-introduction of artificial pitches to the Football League. If you’d like to get in touch, please leave your comments on our Facebook page or via Twitter @MansfieldSand.

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